One of the biggest dental laboratories in Estonia

Plaster models, Removable and non-removable restorations, Zirconium restorations, Implants, Splints, Orthodontic work, Laser welding

About us

Kaarli Dental Lab was established in 1999 in Tallinn, Estonia. Today we are one of the biggest dental laboratories in Estonia.

We are a team of 20 technicians.


We are using most advanced techniques available. We highly value CAD/CAM technology and we accept digital cases. On the other hand we are convinced that human factor is crucial part in the production process. We are committed to your success and therefore we have high quality standards. We always perform quality control. Our senior technician in in charge of the quality control process, where each case is checked for fit and shade.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for each patient. Our quality managements system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Types of restorations

Dental milling

Since 2017 Kaarli Dental Lab has new generation milling machine, that can be used to cut soft and stiff materials.

CAD/CAM solution:

  • Cases are scanned with Nobil-Metal SinergiaScan scanner
  • Virtual model is made with ExoCad software
  • Final product is produced with Imes-Icore CORiTEC 350i Loader milling machine

Video, showing how dental crown is made in Kaarli Dental Lab


Aivar Paist

Quality Control, non-removable restorations

Anneke Pürg

Senior technician, non-removable restorations

Einar Lvovs

Non-removable restorations

Enric Garriga Panisello

Removable restorations

Eve Stein

Removable restorations, orthodontic works

Jekaterina Dikun

Non-removable restorations

Kaja Lemberg

Orthodontic works

Kristel Kruut


Larissa Tomanova

Removable restorations

Malle Priimann

Removable restorations

Marit Paljak

Removable restorations

Merike Klauks

Removable restorations

Kaarel Kübarsepp

Technician, removable restorations

Tööde tellimine

Tööde tellimine Kaarli Hambalaborist on lihtne.

Kaarli Hambalabori tellimuslehe vormi saab alla laadida siit.

Digitaalsed failid palume saata läbi keskkonna aadressile

1Helistades telefoninumbril 619 9251 vastab teile labori info

2Meie kuller saadetakse töödele järele

3Valmistööd tagastame samuti kulleriga


The dental laboratory of Kaarli Hambapolikliinik OÜ provides a warranty for the majority of its work.

  • Ceramic work – two years
  • Plastic and composite work – six months
  • Metal framework of partial cobalt chrome prostheses – two years
  • Acrylic prostheses and acrylic work (excl. orthodontic work, re-basing and repairs) – six months

As the warranty only covers the technical work, it shall not apply in the following cases:

  • Temporary work
  • The patient has not undergone dental examination in the past 12 months
  • The prosthesis has been adjusted or repaired by a dentist or dental technician of another institution
  • Changes in the condition of dentition have caused a defect in the work
  • The defect in the work has been caused by external factors
  • The ceramic work in the upper and lower jawbones is in contact and the patient has not been regularly using night caps to prevent the fracturing of the ceramics.


Urgent work is understood to mean work performed faster than the completion terms provided in the table. The prices for urgent work are + 50% to 100%..
Working day – an 8-hour working period at the laboratory from 9:00 to 17:00. The completion time does not include transport time.

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